The world is growing bigger and bigger and the result is an enormous size of information. This big size data consists of several types of content. Among them, visual content has shown to have the most influence. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are all visual content sharing platforms. From these visual platforms, Instagram is now the most popular and studies have shown that some types of images/videos are Liked more. In this article, we are going to count down 10 kinds of Instagram posts for Likes.

10 Kinds of Instagram Posts for Likes

Instagram influencers are nowadays on top of Instagram. Brands are Paying The Most for Brand Ambassadors on Instagram. There are some ways to get more Likes on Instagram after preparing your content. However, all these strategies can be implemented after preparing your stuff, such as hashtags, tagging and etc. On the other hand, there are some kinds of Instagram posts that get more Likes.

Use Instagram schedulers to enhance your chance of being seen

Instagram schedulers are platforms that can be used to schedule your posts beforehand. You can prepare your content before and then schedule it and the platform will post whenever you choose. You can then have a more coherent strategy for your IG page. Moreover, using this kind of schedules, you can optimize the use of Instagram posts for Likes. You can try one of these schedulers here.

Instagram schedulers AiGrow

Our list for 10 kinds of Instagram posts for Likes

As said before, there are some types of visual content that get more engagements. Now that you have a tool for scheduling your posts, let’s see what kind of posts get more Likes. Here’s the list:

1. Motivational and inspirational quotes

People get excited when hearing motivational speeches. The same thing happens when someone sees a motivational sentence or an inspirational quote from a celebrity. Users tend to take time and read these sentences and click on these profiles. Even if your brand does not have anything to do with quotes, try using them here and there and you will see the results.

If you have doubts, just look into thegodquote account on Instagram. It has 16 million followers! Insane, isn’t it?

Motivational and inspirational quotes 10 Kinds of Instagram Posts for Likes

2. Human face or body portrait

It is obvious that when a user sees a face in an image, he/she will feel more connected to that account. There has been a study about Instagram and the results show that Instagram pictures with faces are more popular. It can be seen even with personal accounts. Using the same account, a beautiful image of a restaurant will get fewer Likes than an image showing you in holidays.

Just look at the example below. Cristiano who has the most followers on Instagram has posted two photos in the same week. The photo that shows his face has got about 2.3 million more Likes!

Human face or body portrait Cristiano 10 Kinds of Instagram Posts for Likes

3. Famous people who your audience might love

Think about it. Nike and Adidas are always using this tactic. They ask famous athletes to use their product and then record their experience. You can choose the role models of your field and use them. You might not have the same amount of money to ask a famous celebrity, but you can use their photos.

4. Food and drinks

Beautiful images of food and drinks are something that all people can relate too. After all, we all love eating and drinking. You can even find accounts on Instagram about foods with millions of followers! Food is one of the most popular themes of Instagrammers. Foodporn which depicts the process of preparing food has got 1.2 million followers.

5. Behind the scenes

These photos also use the connect-to-people strategy. You have probably faced this strategy in other social media too. A short clip about behind the scenes of a movie is seen more than the movie. That’s why many serials, put parts of their behind the scenes at the end of each episode. You can use this strategy by posting photos about behind the scenes of your photo shooting.  

6. Shopping Posts

This might seem to make your audience drift away from your account, but the studies have shown that people love straightforward shopping. When some celebrity posts about how good some product is, people think that’s advertisements. However, when you show your own product and even show the price, people love it. They feel more connected and see you Like an online market which they can buy from. Asos is one of the most successful accounts that use this strategy.

7. Call to action posts

This is a great way to connect more to your audience. You can ask questions, ask for their opinion and even talk to them directly. Not only these kinds of posts will increase your engagement, but also you will know your audience much better.

8. Offers and discounts

People always overdo these kinds of posts. It is not proper to have offers and discounts every day of the week. People might think that your product is not worth it. You should make your audience feel that these offers are limited and they are designed for them. Not every random audience. You offer discounts on a specific day of the week and make your audience wait for it.

9. Throwback photos

If you have a brand that has some potential customers, then this kind of post is really helpful. Share a photo of your brand’s first days. The First collections or works of your brand will feel like a throwback and that feels very nice. If some of your audience has already bought something from you, then this kind of photos may help them look back in their memory.

BMW has shown to use this tactic very good. Take a look at one of its throwbacks.

10 Kinds of Instagram Posts for Likes

10. Video stories

Instagram videos have always shown to have more engagements than images. A not long time ago, loading videos would take so much time that people would often skip them. However, the internet is much better now and videos get much more interactions than photos. That’s why Instagram Stories are used so widely. You can tell your story using a Video.  

The Rock who is the 4th on the list of most followed accounts on Instagram is famous for using a lot of videos in his account. His motivational way of talking has inspired many young people to devote themselves to sports.


You can use all these mentioned tactics to grow Likes on your posts. None of them need money and all of them are according to the Instagram algorithm. There are some more tips about Instagram Stories that you can use.

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