In this article, we are going to talk about Instagram Like groups and how they work and what’s the use in them. Moreover, we will talk about the Instagram algorithm and how Like groups can help you beat the algorithm. In the last part, we are going to show you the best Instagram Like groups to join.

200+ Instagram Like Groups to Join in 2019

When you post an image or a video on Instagram, the platform needs to judge that content to see if it is good enough to be shown to more people. The basis of this Instagram judgment is by engagement. In other words, Instagram tries to see if people have engaged with some content or not.

If your content gets a lot of Likes and Comments and Shares, Instagram will see your post good enough to be shown to more people other than your followers. This will lead to better user experience on the platform and consequently, people will enjoy Instagram more.

So, what do Instagram Like groups can do about this stuff? Let’s see.

How does an Instagram Like group work?

Well, it is pretty easy. The concept of a Like group is not a new idea in social media platforms. In these groups, people make a promise to Like or Comment on other people posts. These groups have from a few to thousands of users in them.

 Instagram Like Groups

These people are usually in the same niche box. Which means that they tend to like the same kind of content. For instance, there are Like or engagement groups for Sports or Travel.

These kind of groups were once very famous on Facebook and now they have arrived for Instagram. Instagram Like groups also gather people that are in the same niche box. The users in these groups Like, Follow and Comment on each other and try to increase their engagement rate.

Do Instagram Like groups work well with the new Instagram algorithm?

In 2016, Instagram announced that the algorithm for sorting the posts on the news feed is going to change. Before that, the news feed was ordered chronologically. This meant that the first posts that you saw on your feed were the ones that were posted the latest.

In the new algorithm, the posts were ranked as a function of different parameters including engagement, recency, and relativity. The most important factor in this algorithm is engagement.

So, in order for your post to be ranked higher on the news feed, you need to get a high amount of engagement in the first 60 minutes after posting. This way, a bigger audience will see the post and as a result, it will be seen by more possible customers.

Instagram Like groups exactly gives you the engagement you want in the first 60 minutes. People Like and Comment on your post and Instagram will see that your post is good enough to be shown to more people. That’s why Instagram Like groups are compatible with the new Instagram algorithm.

Need an Instagram engagement calculator? Here are 5 free options to calculate the engagement rate.

Where to find Instagram Like groups?

There are plenty of Instagram engagement groups on the internet but most of them are just bots and are fake. To our knowledge, the best collection of Instagram Like groups are in the hand of AiGrow.

AiGrow was initially a post scheduler for Instagram. You give the content and set a time and the platform will automatically post it when you have told it. However, in the last year, they started to gather people and make engagement pods on their platform.

AiGrow engagement Pods now consist of thousands of people and the good thing about them is their automation. You just need to Join whatever automated pod you want and the rest will happen automatically.

Instagram Like Groups AiGrow


Joining these Pods are completely free and as soon as you post, real people will Like your posts. Here is a list of AiGrow Instagram Like groups or as they call it “Automated Engagement Pods”.

AiGrow Automated Engagement Pods

Fashion, Style, and Beauty / Fashion, Blogging, Gifts, Luxury / Portrait and Fashion / Photographers Worldwide / 20k+ Photography, lifestyle, and inspiration / Photography, Models & Related Arts / Clothing Brands / Photographers & Models / Travel LIKES only / Nature / Sports(soccer,football,basketball…) / Engagement.ig_travel / Arts / Ballet & Art / Authors and writers on Instagram / Medical accounts / LikeBooster / insta viral / Business Blast / IG Influencers & General / Cars / Bloggers/ IG Influencers / Photography and Follow for follow / Go Viral. Viral Powerlikes! / Memes / MUSIC / Kuta Resorts / Inspired Growth / FITFAM / Luxury Real Estate / Superfood Lovers / Growth Mindset / General Group / Bartenders, Cocktails, & Mixology / Instagram Dx10 Likes (Girls Only) / Viral Pets / Support Small Biz / Instagram girls influencers / World’s Advanced Trend with Look-Alike / Gaming / Super c+l / Beast Engagement /Growth HACK 1M Follower Goal / Help each other / Sld group / Baja Luxury Rentals / Foodie Group / Vanlifers (+ Skoolies and RV’s) / Visual arts (tones) / Fitness and travel / Music producers / Travel and Lifestyle / Giveaways / Like / Wedding Vendors / Small twitch streamer / +2k Travel, Nature, Earth / +5k Travel, Nature, Earth / Eat, travel and lifestyle / IG Engagement Group / Small Businesses / +10k Travel, Nature, Earth / Food travel fashion / A lil bit of it all / Fortnite / Travel and Photography Only / Chase Positivity

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