The Instagram algorithm has always been a mystery for users, to a place where many people just publish videos and give out theories about it. Reddit and Quora people are insanely talking about the algorithm behind Instagram. To be honest, nobody really knows the exact algorithm, because that would make that person very special, wouldn’t it?

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

The only proven thing we know about the algorithm is that Instagram feed is a function of 6 key factors. According to Instagram product lead Julian Gutman, there are 3 main factors and 3 secondary ones. Interest, Recency, and Relationship are the 3 main factors, and Frequency, Following, and Usage are the 3 secondary factors. Using this new algorithm, people will reach more content on their feed due to a more attractive timeline.

What appears is that someone’s feed is greatly related to his/her activity with other accounts. As a result, the term engagement rate which is the amount of interaction of a post to the whole number of followers is a crucial factor. The key trait of the Instagram algorithm 2019 is based on the engagements that an account gets. More engagement means more chance to be in the top posts of Instagram and consequently more audience.

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

Instagram algorithm: a quick background review

Instagram used to rank the feed chronologically. However, in 2017, the new algorithm arrived and made some changes and the feed is no longer chronological. This new algorithm, despite the critics, has made Instagram much more popular.

When you open up the app, the top posts of your feed are probably the ones that you care the most about. How Instagram knows about what is important to you? Easy! Your own interactions.

So, the new algorithm is using machine learning techniques to know each person better and act upon their interests. The engagement rate is greatly dependant on interactions. As a result, high-quality content which makes interactions significantly higher is the key.

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

As of March 2018, Instagram declared that it had made new changes to improve feed. This was the closest we got to hear from Instagram talking about its algorithm. According to the Instagram blog, the new feed has improved to become a little more chronological. So the time that a post is published is now more important than ever.

Instagram algorithm optimization

From what we know about the Instagram algorithm, there are ways to optimize your Instagram account. The engagement that a post gets in the first hours happens to be one of the most important factors in becoming a successful Instagrammer.

You are going to need a strategy for making people spend time on your posts and eventually interact with you. One practical way is to build engagement groups. In these groups, people that are working on the same niche, come together and interact with each other. If you want to learn more and test them, visit AiGrow.

Bet you have read a lot about the high-quality content, catchy captions and proper hashtags. These are the fundamentals that come to every user’s mind. Let us introduce you to some magical strategies.

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

Optimize your account using these tips and tricks about Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are now used by over 500 million users every day. That means half of the active users of Instagram are using stories. As the numbers show, by not using Stories you will miss a great pool of audiences that are active. Here are the top tips about how to use Stories to play by Instagram algorithm rules.  

  1. Use links and hashtags in your Stories

Stories are great places for calling to action. You can publish an image in your Story and give out a link to ask people to visit a website or a profile. Also using hashtags can help your Story to be in top Stories and eventually bring traffic to your profile.

      2. Do not miss out new features

Instagram is always updating Story features and many of them are attractive features that can make your audience spend more time on your Stories. You can access these features by clicking on the upper right of your screen on the Story platform.

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

        3. Make your followers engage with you

There are some cool features on the story platform that let you ask your followers to vote or choose between options. These features will not only increase the time that is spent on your Story but also will lead to more engagements.

5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories

     4. Show your brand in your Stories

When you are posting content on your Story, your followers need to see that it is your content, putting your logo in your photos is a great offer. At least, have a trace of your work in your images.

    5. Analyze your followers by insights’ section

Business profiles have an option to see the analytics of their stories. The number of impressions, seen and other cool stuff is shown in the insight’s section. Use these numbers to understand your engagement rate and have a clear sight of your business.

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5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories
5 tips for outplaying Instagram algorithm 2019 just by using Stories.
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