Have you ever felt that Instagram is taking too much of your time? Did you read about how social media can change people’s lifestyle? Have you ever heard about Instagram damaging relationships? Like any other business, if you plan to minimize the time that you are on Instagram and maximize your benefit from it, then you need to have a plan for your posting. However, the real question is: Can you schedule posts on Instagram?

can you schedule posts on instagram

Let’s give you a straightforward, clear answer. The answer to the question “can you schedule posts on Instagram?” is YES and we will show you how you can do so, free and easy.

Instagram is now so big with about 1 billion monthly active users that most brands have an Instagram account. Nowadays, the first way to have an online market is on Instagram.

The visual content sharing platform helps brands show their product with an image or a video. As the visual content gets much more attention, the Instagram platform is a profitable social media for all kind of brands. In this big pool of content, you ought to have a plan, if you want to be successful.

Why should one schedule posts on Instagram?

There may be several reasons why one should schedule his/her posts on Instagram. Here are some:

#Reason1. Scheduling posts can help you save some extra time. As you know, preparing high-quality content for Instagram is a time-consuming process. You need to focus on your content and take into account your followers’ taste. Imagine taking all these steps each day. That might be so tedious.

Instead, you can take some focused hours on content preparing and then schedule all the content for the next week. Using this strategy, you will have much more free time for other activities.

#Reason2. By scheduling, your images/videos are going to have much better quality. When you try to prepare your content on one day, you are much more focused and your ideas for content preparing might be more unique.

#Reason3. Your IG page will be more consistent when you schedule your posts. By preparing your content beforehand, the theme of your posts will be the same. As a result, your followers will be less confused and feel more connected to your account.

#Reason4. You can schedule your posts when you are going to be away. Scheduling can help you post even if you are on a trip. One of the main challenges of social media is that your followers need to see you every day and if they don’t, you might lose them.

can you schedule posts on instagram AiGrow

If you want to relax on a weekend and go to maybe a near lake, without having a phone, then scheduling is the key. Schedule your posts beforehand and the platform will do the rest.

#Reason5. You are more than welcome to use other features of the post scheduling platforms such as AiGrow. Many schedulers offer other tools for growing your IG page like growth engines and engagement groups. We will show you exactly how to use these free features.

How can someone schedule posts on Instagram?

First of all, you need to choose a scheduling platform. A third party app that helps you upload your content on Instagram. In our experience, AiGrow is the best tool for scheduling your IG posts. You can read about other platforms and their comparison to AiGrow here.

You can schedule posts on Instagram by following 3 steps:

1. Create an account using just an email

Like any other platform, first, you need to create an account. Go to AiGrow.me and enter your name, an email, and a password. You need to verify your account by your email. Follow the verification steps to activate your account. It is totally free.

can you schedule posts on instagram AiGrow

2. Connect your IG account to AiGrow

Once you are logged in, you can add your IG account. Enter your username and password for your account. AiGrow has a very strict policy for not sharing your information with a 3rd party system.

can you schedule posts on instagram AiGrow

You may need to verify your account. Instagram will send you a 6-digit code that AiGrow will ask for it. Enter it and all is done.

You can add as many IG accounts as you want.

3. Upload your content and schedule it

Start managing your IG account and go to “SCHEDULE POSTS” tab. Drag your content (images/videos) and upload it. For each post, you can upload up to 10 images or videos at once.

Write your caption and add your hashtags. You can use AiGrow’s tool for hashtag searching. You can also add a location.

In the end, choose the date and time and AiGrow will publish your content. You can also publish your posts immediately.

can you schedule posts on instagram AiGrow

You can also schedule Instagram Stories using AiGrow.

Other AiGrow’s features

AiGrow scheduling platform is not its only feature. It has numerous tools for helping you grow your IG page. Here are some:

#Growth engine: Aigrow’s growth engine is based on the Follow for Follow method. Growth engine helps you increase your engagement rate.

#Direce messaging: Using this tool, you can DM automatically to a bunch of people.

#Inbox: You can read your DMs from AiGrow platform.

#Engagement Groups: Using these groups you can find other people in your niche box. Read more about automated engagement groups here.

Still Confused about using AiGrow? Use AiGrows’s free trial and you will learn more about it.

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