How can you become an Instagram influencer quickly?

Free Instagram Likes and Followers

Instagram places your account into three categories: spam, influencer, and user.
You get into the spam category by following them on following people and giving out tons of engagement to all these different accounts like going to a certain hashtag and liking thousands of people’s pictures. You need to get placed as an influencer and grow the right way through DM groups to organic ways- the ways that Instagram wants you to grow-. The third category is the user. It’s just a normal person like if you have a personal account you’re not trying to grow it and you’re just there to catch up with friends.


Free Instagram likes and followers – Fake or real?

If you want to grow your Instagram page and become an influencer, buying fake followers is a no-go for you for some reasons. First of all buying followers will harm your account in a number of different ways if your goal is to grow that page in the future.  If you’re buying followers to just scroll this page it can harm your account.

Free Instagram Likes and Followers

Imagine you have 5,000 followers on this page and then you buy another 5,000 followers. Now you are at 10,000 followers which makes your page look beautiful and you think now you’re going to get more business because your page now has more authority. Well, the thing is that normally when you post a picture, Instagram is going to show it to about 10 to 20 percent of your followers.

Here’s what happens:

So Instagram is going to show all your picture to 50 percent of your real followers and also 50 percent of the followers you bought who are not going to engage with your image, so your engagement is pretty much going to drop in half which is terrible.

Well, you’re not reaching any more 50 percent of your real followers and no longer going to see your post because you’ve exchanged that with 50 percent fake followers even though you reach more people overall. So your entire engagement is going to have a huge drop in.

Instagram knows that you bought followers in the first place but they’re going to notice this drop which is going to make it harder for you to reach both the hashtags and the explore page because Instagram now thinks that you have bad content according to that drop. Instagram is going to take that as a sign as you posting bad content that your audience does not want. It sounds only going to be a negative spiral for you.

It’s going to be harder to reach the hashtags and also harder to rank on the explore page.  So remember buying followers is harmful because it’s going to hurt your entire page and Instagram can also track that.

For example, you are a Shopify owner and you want to sell products in the store. The best way if you’re going to start out to sell your products is by using influencers on Instagram and post your product on their pages and then linking to your personal page.

You promote the product on an influencer. The influencer sends people who aren’t interested to buy that product over to your page and on your page, you have a linking buyer where they can buy the product.

Buying followers and likes

It’s good to buy free Instagram likes and followers for that page because it’s going to give you a lot of social proof. For example, you had a thousand followers that all of these interested buyers come to you. They see you have a thousand followers they will probably not going to buy from you because they don’t know if they can trust you. But if you were to have 10,000 followers they are actually going to trust you

Well, that is the smart thing because it’s going to give you a lot of social proof. It’s morally wrong but who cares.

If you get sales from doing that you should buy because it doesn’t really matter whether you have a thousand followers or ten thousand followers. The product they get is the same, you’re just increasing the trust with your followers which is a benefit because they actually want the product and you also make money.

There’s only a win-win situation in this case of scenario. For example, if you want to just increase your social proof you don’t really care that much about the page is legit. You just want to have that page as social proof to be able to increase your rapid hit a reputation and get sales to your store. Don’t hesitate to go for it because it’s only going to benefit you in the short or long term. Some of those followers are going to drop off but worst case scenario you can just buy new followers and it’s really cheap instead of buying followers for a page like that either way.

This is what you need to know about free followers and likes websites. There is one easy safe way which is using AiGrow.


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