Fitness is one of the most popular niches on Instagram and this makes it harder to compete with their rivals. So you should be fully prepared if you want to get distinguished. In this article, we have tried to bring you the best tips that will help you to grow a fitness account as well. Just walk through the following steps.

STEP 1: How picking your niche will help you to grow your Instagram fitness account?

Look at what you want, then pick that niche

The first thing we need to do is pick a niche. Fitness is a very broad niche. You need to pick a sub-niche, like bodybuilding, strength training, diet or weight loss. Just saying I’m in the fitness niche is not enough. You can be a fitness influencer but you’re always going to have that sub-niche. What do you promote more is the intermittent fasting, for instance, dieting. You need to define that niche, for instance, people who are interested in weight loss are not interested in bodybuilding. Those are two completely separate different markets and you must define yourself, so you can target the audience you want to target.

Instagram Fitness

If you want to be just an overall Fitness influencer that’s fine, you can do things like post viral Fitness videos like posts of funny Fitness and memes or you could go ahead and make it super customized.

STEP 2: Why the content of an Instagram fitness account must be revolved around that niche?

Make sure that all of your content revolves around that niche

If you’re trying to make a very serious and professional Instagram account about fitness, don’t start posting viral fitness videos.  If this is your personal brand be smart about it, it’s fine to incorporate a little bit of viral content on your personal brand, but make sure most of the content is about you because that is what is going to sell and that’s what makes a personal brand distinguished.

Accounts that have just lots of viral content without authentic images of them are not really personal brands, they’re simply just viral reposting accounts. That is fine if you want to be just a viral reposting account but you must pick what you want to do and then you must make content around that niche.

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STEP 3: Should your Instagram fitness account be a business account?

Be a business account because you have to be tracking the backend analytics of everything

You must know the average age of your followers and the gender of your followers and the countries that your followers are in. You must know all of these so that while you grow your page you can actually see that who is more interested in your stuff and then you can make more content revolving around the analytics of who is following you.

So if you initially wanted to grow a page and you wanted it to be an older audience. However, you realize that your average follower age is not 40 and up years old but they’re actually between the ages of fifteen to thirty.

Instagram Fitness

Same thing with genders if you realize you’re getting a more male-dominated page or female-dominated page then use the content that is going to appeal to that person more.

The reason is that it’s actually going to make it easier to grow since you’re making content that appeals to your ideal follower the person that’s actually following you. They’re going to engage on that content much more.

STEP 4: What content grow your Instagram fitness account more?

Providing the best content

The best content you might be thinking is singular pictures of people who have really nice physiques or stuff like that and memes but the best stuff that goes viral is “before-and-after” shots.

“Before-and-after” shots are literally like taking magic pills for your Instagram, for some reason if you posted just an after shot as a single image it will not perform as good as the before-and-after shot and that’s just because of people like the story.

Instagram Fitness

People don’t really care for the end result, they like that story. When you post that transformation it tells your story. It shows where you are to where you are now. That is why it is so much more engaging especially when you’re leaving tips on that photo.

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“I guarantee that you’re going to be seeing the much more viral post that are all before-and-after pictures on top of that.”

The other thing that works very well is viral videos, funny fitness videos or gym fails or anything like that. Those things just take off like crazy and it really doesn’t take much to get them moving.

STEP 5: How do DMs help you to grow your Instagram fitness account faster?

Growing your account by Direct message (DM) groups

Direct message (DM) is one of the best tools for growing your account. Using a lot of DM groups of people that are in your niche, a lot of fitness related DM groups really works best for going ahead and pushing your content and getting it out to more people for ranking on hashtags, landing on the explore page and going viral. The more DM groups you can have in the fitness niche specific to fitness the better off you’re going to be.

When you combine those DM groups with posting before and after pictures that is when your instrument just starts growing like magic.

However, DMs group is a great tool for getting engagements (likes+comments+followers). But it is so complicated and takes a lot of time if you want to do them is no worry because some Instagram schedulers have been developed to make it easy and faster for you.

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram schedulers that have developed so far. They have prepared some engagement groups that include people with same interests, for instance, they are all interested in bodybuilding fitness, so by joining in their engagement groups, you will automatically get engagements from people who are interested in bodybuilding fitness.

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Here’s a shot of AiGrow platform and the red flash shows the “Engagement Groups” as well.

Instagram Fitness

Step 6: How can stories help you with growing your Instagram fitness account?

Use your stories to go ahead and basically relate to them

Use your stories and pin story so that when someone comes to your profile you’re giving them content that helps them on their journey. So if you’re in the weight loss category and people are coming to you for weight loss then on your pin stories be giving weight loss tips and be weight loss videos.

If you provide content to them, you’re going to stand far out from everybody else. People are going to love your page. That’s because of the amount of value they get. You’re helping them on their journey which is giving back to them.

Step 7: Influencers make the differences for your Instagram fitness account.

Using influencers

Our last step for going ahead in blowing up your Instagram page is going to be using influencers.  You can get a good piece of content that engages and performs well. Your audience loves and you know other people will love too. You need to get that content out to as many people as possible and get as many followers and sales. For that, you need content distribution. So getting influencers to go ahead and repost this stuff is going to go ahead and be best for you.

If you have tried to find your appropriated influencer before, you have been faced with so much difficulty. If you need help, AiGrow can be useful, since they have prepared a list of influencers that revolve around your niche, so you will get followers from the Influencers you like. We have tried this feature on their platform for free and observed its incredible effects on our Instagram account growth.

Here’s a shot from AiGrow platform that shows where you can add your influencers manually or automatically.