When it comes to social media, what matters is engagement rate! The number of Likes, followers and the creditability of that account also matters but the engagement rate on Instagram is what you should be looking after.

Instagram has not defined engagement rate as a specific formula but we have gathered all the formulas on the internet and came up with 2 main formulas that can both work.

So, what is the engagement rate and why is it so important? Let’s first talk about the importance of it.

Why is the engagement rate on Instagram so important?

Have you ever heard of Influencers on Instagram? Or maybe beauty and style influencers on Instagram? These influencers accounts are those who have the highest engagement rate. This means that people tend to interact with their posts more than other people’s posts. Let’s make an example of it:

You want to ask some account on Instagram to help you grow your brand on Instagram. You have 2 options:

  1. An account with 100,000 followers with an engagement rate of 2% asks you 1000 dollars for each post
  2. An account with 10,000 followers with an engagement rate of 8% asks you 200 dollars for each post

Which one would you choose? Let’s do the math:

If you publish a post on the first account you will reach 2000 people and you have paid 1000 dollars, so you have paid 0.5 dollars for each interaction. On the other hand, your post on the second account will reach 800 people and you have paid 200 dollars, so you have paid 0.25 dollars for each interaction. That’s half!

So, looking at these numbers you can see that by finding the right Instagram accounts with high Instagram engagement rates, one can have his brand more famous on the Instagram platform.

What should Instagram engagement rate look like?

Between all social media, Instagram has shown to have the highest engagement rate. The engagement rate on this platform is much higher than Twitter and Facebook. Just look at the information that Influencermarketinghub has published in 2017. The average Instagram engagement rate is 6 times the Twitter.

Instagram engagement rate

This means that if you post content on Instagram, you are likely to be seen by much more people than other social media. The same thing goes on with Facebook vs Instagram.

How to calculate the Instagram engagement rate?

There is not a specific formula for calculating the engagement rate of any social media. Engagement is known as the number of people who have engaged with a post. Some people take Likes and Comments as the number of engagements and other people takes the number of views.

People always argue between all these formulas, however, some have shown to be more reliable. Here are the two main ways to calculate Instagram engagement rate:

#1. (Likes+Comments)*100/Followers%

This is the most common way of looking at the Instagram engagement rate. You add the number of Likes and Comments and then divide it by number of Followers. Most of the statistics that you see are based on this formula.

The good thing about this method is that the engagement rate of each user can be calculated by anyone. This is because of the fact that the three numbers of Likes, Comments and Followers are visible to anyone.

You can use this method to calculate the engagement rate of any influencer account on Instagram and then decide which influencer you want to work with. Let’s say you have an account with 1000 followers and the average numbers of Likes on each post is 80 and Comments 5. That gives us 8.5% engagement rate.

In this table, you can see the engagement rate of some Instagram accounts. These numbers are based on the last 6 posts of them. Cristiano who is 1st on the list of most followed accounts Instagram has an engagement rate of 3.54% which is considered good for his huge number of followers.

How to calculate your engagement rate on Instagram

#2. (Likes+Comments)*100/Impressions%

Another way of calculating Instagram engagement rate is to use impressions instead of the number of Followers. In this method, the number of Followers does not matter. However, the number of people who saw that post matter.

The problem of this method is that the number of impressions of a post is only visible to the owner of the account. So, we are unable to study the engagement rate using this formula. As a result, this method is used rarely.

This account has one of the highest engagements rates on Instagram

This account has one of the highest engagements rates on Instagram


If you want to grow your account or you want to find an influencer for your brand, the Instagram engagement rate should be what you are looking for. Using the formula above, you can calculate the rate and then decide which influencer to choose.

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