If you are reading this article, then you are probably in search of the ways to get more comments on your Instagram posts. In your search, you might have seen websites that will give you comments and likes in exchange for money. In other words, you need to pay money for more comments on each of your posts. We are going to show you how to get comments on Instagram free and not fake.

How to get comments on Instagram

There are plenty of websites and apps that can get you as many likes and comments as you want and in a quick way. You need to pay money to buy likes and comments for each of your posts. As a result, you need to pay a lot of money to keep up your IG account and make it look better in the terms of IG algorithm.

Why does the number of Likes and Comments matter more than the number of Followers

As you have probably noticed, your Instagram feed is not ordered chronologically. This means the time that a post was published is just a side factor for ordering posts on feed. This change was announced by Instagram in 2016 and the feed algorithm has changed since then. In fact, the new Instagram algorithm orders your feed based on multiple factors.

One factor is the engagement rate of that account. The engagement rate is calculated based on your average number of likes and comments and your number of followers. So, the higher your number of likes and comments are, the higher the engagement rate is. As the engagement rate of an account is higher, Instagram will understand that people are more likely to engage with that account’s posts. So posts of that account will be shown to more people.

How to get real comments on Instagram

Ok, now that you know the importance of comments, let’s show you how to get comments on Instagram. You have 2 ways. The simple way which will waste your money is to buy comments. Even if you buy comments for each of your posts, those comments are not from real people!

How to get comments on Instagram

So what’s the second way? Have a strategy! Just like any advertisement campaign which needs lots and lots of efforts, you need to put an effort to see the results. Here we are going to show 7 ways to get more organic comments on your Instagram posts and in the end, we will show you a great platform for increasing your IG comments.

7 organic ways to get more comments

These ways are the best strategies for the kind of posts you can publish to get more comments. This is based on studies on Instagram posts. Here are 7 ways to get more comments:

  • Post more videos
  • Use better and more relevant hashtags
  • Post portraits and pictures of people
  • Publish your posts in the best time of the day
  • Ask your audience to comment on your posts
  • Have a contest or giveaway
  • Post about animals

These were the best strategies for the type of posts you can publish to get more comments. In the next part, we are going to show you how to get comments on Instagram using an astonishing platform.

Get real comments using a platform

If you have tried all of the above strategies and you want something more, AiGrow is the answer to all of your questions. AiGrow is basically a scheduling platform with lots and lots of features. From scheduling to growth engine and engagement groups. We will show you how you can use AiGrow to get more comments on your IG.

How to get comments on Instagram AiGrow

#Use AiGrow to post your content in the best time of the day

AiGrow is a powerful tool for scheduling your posts. You can schedule your posts beforehand and upload it to AiGrow and platform will publish it. This way, you don’t need to be online on the peak hours of Instagram and you can do whatever you want. Learn how to schedule your posts with AiGrow.

#Use Growth Engine to engage with more people

AiGrow possed the best tool for growing your page. You are probably familiar with the fact that if you engage with more people on IG, those people will come back to your account and engage with you. This is the basic idea of AiGrow’s growth engine. Instead of manually following and liking other people’s posts, AiGrow will do it automatically based on your hashtags and influencer accounts. As a result, using this engine, you can see that your comment’s numbers will grow each day.

#Automated Engagement Pod is the key

AiGrow also has the best Engagement Pods in the market. There are plenty of groups in different niche boxes in the platform that you can join in. These groups consist of many other people who want to increase their engagement rate. When you are a member of these groups and post an image, people of that group will like and comment on your image. As a result, this is the direct way to have organic comments on Instagram. Learn about these Engagement Pods here.

Try AiGrow’s Free trial and see the results.