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In social media like reality, people judge each other, especially on Instagram. The first judgement is about the number of your followers and your following accounts. You can be considered spammer if you follow a significant amount of users and don`t have enough followers. They may judge that your page isn`t good enough to motivate them to follow you back. Generally following a significant number of accounts without a specific amount of followers can cause people to don`t follow you. If you face that condition and you want to have a successful business or impressive page, you should do mass unfollow on Instagram.

The follower/ following ratio

There is a follower/ following ratio for the accounts that have at least 1000 followers. If you have a personal private account for connecting with your friends and family and you don`t want to start a business or be an influencer, ignore this ratio.

If this ratio is < 0.5, you`re considered a spammer.

If it is 0.5_1, you are a suspicious user.

If the ratio is 1_2, you are a regular user.

If it is between 2 or 10, you are considered a micro-influencer.

If your following/ followers ratio is more than 10, you are an influencer.

Which accounts should you unfollow?

The maximum accounts that you can follow are 7500 on Instagram. If you reach this number and you still want to follow new users, you should unfollow some to have the right to follow people again. Sometimes most of the accounts you follow are fake, inactive or don`t follow you back. Realize and distinguish these accounts can be hard if you follow plenty of pages.

Instagram unfollow limit

If you want to select and mass unfollow on Instagram by yourself, you should pay attention to the rule of it. Instagram has the algorithm and restriction for the counts of unfollowing accounts per day, and you can not suddenly unfollow a high number of accounts you follow.

The border may be 2000 accounts per day by a specific gap between them for the older accounts, and newer accounts may have the right to unfollow 500 accounts by some seconds between them.

This action can be annoying if you want to unfollow many accounts; in turn, some apps and ways can help you to do that easily.

Ways to mass unfollow on Instagram

There are some apps which use Instagram algorithms to analyze the accounts you follow. They can also unfollow a large number of useless accounts.

mass unfollow Instagram

Best mass unfollow apps for ios

  • Cleaner for Ins

By using this app, you can clean your Instagram from any fake or inactive accounts. You can unfollow plenty of your following`s users, just with one tap. You can also check who unfollowed or blocked you.

  • Mass unfollow for Instagram

This app is a great tool to bulk unfollow users. Bulk unlike or delete posts, block and unblock users are some other features of this app. By this app, you can also find inactive accounts and ghost users.

  • Cleaner for IG

You can use this app to unfollow tons of following. Mass block users, delete previous posts and likes are some features of Cleaner for IG. It has some extra features that you should pay money to gain access to them.

Best mass unfollow apps for android

  • Instant cleaner for Instagram

This app helps you to unfollow accounts that you no longer need them. You can also block users and unlike post in a significant number.

  • Unfollow Instagram pro

Unfollow Instagram pro is an excellent tool for managing your follower and following list. You can find who unfollowed you or not following you back. This application gives you the option to unfollow 50 persons by each tap. It also gives you the possibility to see the most popular hashtags of the day.

  • Follow Cop

This app helps you to find your ghost and fake users and unfollow them. You can unfollow at least 20 persons by each tap. Follow Cop is an excellent app for managing the list of your following and followers. 

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