Only being able to craft, send, and receive Instagram DMs on your phone may not seem like an inconvenience to the typical Instagram user, but if you are a bigger station sending and receiving hundreds of DMs daily, taking out your phone and checking out each and each response can be incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, sending Instagram DMs in your desktop computer has never been easier.

Sending Instagram DMs in your Mac (and other desktops)

Sending messages from the Mac is harder than other working software and will require a program like AiGrow.

Unlike other desktop apps, AiGrow does not require any download to work. Simply stop by the web site, make an account, add your Instagram accounts, and you are done.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have complete access to your Instagram inbox and be able to handle your DMs just as you would if you were on your mobile phone.

Together with AiGrow, you can:

  • send messages
  • respond to messages
  • filter your inbox to show read, unread, or sent messages
  • attach images to your DMs
  • search for messages from individual channels

Plus, if you have one message which you’d like to send to a high number of your followers, you can also automate the procedure.

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Instagram DMs on desktop

Sending Instagram DMs on your PC

Sending messages from the PC is far easier than sending messages from any other OS. It’s as straightforward as downloading the official Instagram program from the Microsoft program shop and following the instructions detailed in the video below.

While Windows users have the benefit of being able to use Instagram’s native program from their desktop, for people who want a more Gmail-esque way to arrange their DMs, in addition to the ability to deliver bulk DMs to targeted groups of individuals on Instagram, AiGrow is the thing to do.

Sign up for AiGrow for free and test it out yourself!