Instagram Stories were first introduced in Aug 2016. Adding Stories to the Instagram platform was and still is the biggest change that has ever happened to Instagram. Direct messaging (DMs) and post-tagging were the big updates before Stories.

When first launched in Aug 2016, Instagram Story was seen as a copy of Snapchat. Many people accused Instagram of stealing the Story platform from Snapchat. According to Techcrunch, Kevin Systrom, The CEO of Instagram, admitted that they had used the Snapchat platform as a model for Instagram Stories. He said: “They deserve all the credit, but this isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story

Until Nov 2016, the platform was exactly the same as Snapchat. However, There was a new update in November 2016 that set Instagram Stories the dominant platform for ephemeral content sharing. You can learn about Instagram Story algorithm here. Let’s first learn about the whole idea of Stories.

How did Instagram Story work in the first days?

If you have ever had a Snapchat account, you would not be surprised to see the Instagram Stories. They are basically the same. Users share images or videos that will fade away in 24 hours. Your Stories will only be exposed to your followers. Your followers need to click on your Story in the Story bar to see your content.

You can use emojis or texts to make your content appeal better and you were able to comment on other people Stories, but the comment would appear as a direct message to the Story owner.

“Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story” was the first difference

In Nov 2016, Instagram introduced an update in which people were able to tag someone on their Stories. Tagging someone on a post was common before and helped people get more engagements than ever. This new update was something big that could help users interact with more people and have a stronger connection.

What is “Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story”?

As you probably know, when someone tags a person in a photo or video, that specific person is probably in that photo or video. However, many users use this feature to get more engagements. For instance, when you tag a famous singer in your photo, other people can see your photo in the tagged section of that singer’s profile. This will lead to more engagement on your content.

When you tag someone in a Story, that Story would not stick around that person’s tagged section. However, your Story will be sent to that person as a direct message. Moreover, other people are also able to see that profile’s name in your Story. There are some tricks that I will show you in the next parts.  

Finally, the answer to “How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story?”

First, you need to open up the Story platform and choose an image. You have three ways to access your Story publishing section.

  1. Push the plus button on the left of your Story section
  2. Push the camera icon on the upper left of your screen
  3. Drag the whole page to the right

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story

In order to prepare content, you can either use the camera of your phone or the images that have been taken before. To access the gallery of your phone, you can simply drag up. Here’s How to tag someone in your Instagram Story:

5 Steps to tag someone in your Stoy

  1. Open up your Story publishing section
  2. Choose an existing image/video or use your camera to produce any kind of Story you want, including Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-free. Note that you can not tag people in the live section.
  3. Press the Aa button on the upper right of the screen. (You can also simply press on the screen to type)
  4. Type in @ and after that try to type the username.
  5. Choose the profile you want to tag. The username has to be underlined to show that a profile is chosen.

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story

You can see the difference between a tagged username and a username that is just typed and not selected. When you click on the username that is not underlined, nothing happens. However, by clicking on the underlined username, the account will pop up and you can visit that profile.

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story

How to tag as many accounts as you want in your Instagram Story?

The feature limits the number of tagged accounts. You can only tag 10 accounts in each set of typing. If you try to write the 11th username, Instagram will not propose any accounts. So the maximum number of accounts that can be used in single writing on a Story is 10.

However, there is a trick here. You can add more accounts by trying to open another writing session. Try to make the first 10 usernames small and then type 10 more usernames. Using this trick, you can tag as many accounts as you want.

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Story

Note: If you want to remove the tag, you can simply delete the typed username or hover over the username and drag it to delete icon.

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