Today, we’ll show you exactly how to make a full-time income through Instagram. What we are about to share with you is exactly how you can actually make a full-time income through Instagram without doing stupid shoutouts.


income from instagram


This method for monetization is exactly how some were able to open up their first stream of income through Instagram and it’s exactly what they used to go ahead and be able to quit their job to pursue Instagram full-time.


How To Raise Income Through Instagram?

There are many ways to go ahead and monetize Instagram we are going to show you three ways that tie all in together that will go ahead and enable you to make a full-time income. Again, this is exactly what they did, so the best, easiest way to go ahead and start instantly, basically making money through Instagram is to build and sell pages. Instagram accounts go for a lot of money. Your average 100k account could go from between 1,000 to like up to $4,000.


income from instagram


Even higher depending on who your buyer is. Not many people know about this but it is really big business. Companies want Instagram pages, private investors want Instagram pages, there are big people in this industry that want to be able to own a piece of Instagram real estate. To be able to have the skills to build pages big, there’s going to be people who are going to want to buy those pages from you.

While you’re building and selling your pages, you can make a lot of money doing that alone. But there are two other ways that tie into this and through doing just this one thing of building and selling pages, you can take it from taking account from 0 to 100 K and making a few thousand. Take account from 0, grow it, profit all the way up and then sell the account at the end. The way how you do this is through growing your account.

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income from instagram

Make money using Income Through Instagram

You’re going to get leads, people are gonna ask you how are you growing so fast? How are you ranking pictures on your explore page? And how do you have a few thousand followers but your picture here gets 20,000 likes?

These are leaves, these are not just random messages. They need to be treated as leaves. these guys are willing to pay you to teach them to learn this stuff. As you grow your page, you can start actually closing these guys on consulting calls. There’s a lot easier to close these guys than you think since they approached you and they saw your results. They just go ahead and convert like crazy.

You don’t need to be good at sales and you don’t need to push a sale hard half the time they’re going to be pushing the sale on you, because they are desperate to learn. Now you’re monetizing through growing this page and selling it. While you’re growing this page, you get leads and you’re gonna go ahead and close those leads on consulting calls. Instead of just having this end profit, you can consult call over and over, till you sell and profit. For most people, this is already pretty advanced.

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For now, we are about to share with you the issue of going ahead and making a few thousand dollars per month and turning this into a business. Have you guys ever been through a fast-food drive-through before? If you have, then you know that when you order something, typically the worker asks you, would you like a drink with that? This is called an upsell.

What is “upsell” in the market?

If you go to McDonald and you order two double cheeseburgers, then the worker usually asks some questions like would you like chicken nuggets? Would you like this? Would you like that?

These are upselling. You should be using up cells in your own business. This is what makes you a ton more money. When you’re growing your page and you’re getting these consulting calls, on these consulting calls you should be upselling further and you should be offering them account management. You can sell them on the consulting call.

Get that initial payment and then on the consulting call you sell them on. You are going ahead and managing their account and now you’ve done. In fact, you have created a monthly revenue stream that comes in every single month. It gives you predictable income and now you actually have a tangible business. You actually have something of an agency and then at the end of it all, you sell your account and you get the profit. Most people who are smart they go ahead and build an account and sell the account. They sell this account and make a few thousand dollars. The people who are smarter, build these accounts and when leads come in, they sell them on consulting calls.

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This is what happens:

The people who are really smart and actually aren’t lazy and want to go ahead and win at this game, they go ahead and start growing an account from zero. They close leads on consulting calls and they upsell those leads on the account management. Consequently, they have monthly income coming in and have predictable income and at the end, they sell off for a nice profit.

Then repeat the process. You can grow another account to get 0 to 100 K. consulting call, account management, cell, boom, rinse and repeat.

That is literally how you make a full-time income on Instagram and is the absolute favorite way, this is what successful guys have done.

How To Do It All Through Instagram?

In order to do all the stuff described above, you have to manage your account. Without management, you can’t do much. One of the best stuff to help you out is AiGrow. It helps you do all the things with spending no money as it’s free.

There are some other tools to help you work easier with Instagram on your PC and post on it. One of them is IG desktop.

So if you want to enjoy your profit out of Instagram, do the things above and have a blast!

income from instagram