Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most common and popular ways to share moments with friends and have contact with them. Millions of users use Instagram every day without any problem, or a sudden stopped, but sometimes, Instagram has a continuous crash that can be annoying.

Instagram keeps stopping

Here are some reasons why your Instagram continuously is stopping, and we are going to talk about and also give you the solution for them.

1) Store too much data on your mobile

When you store too much information on your cell phone, it can cause some problems and unexpected crashes. Some of your Instagram actions save temporally, but when these data store a lot, they can cause problems.

Solution: remove Instagram temporary files  

Clearing Instagram cache may fix its stopping. Do the following steps to clear the Instagram cache.

 For ios

Settings => General => iphone/ ipad storage => Instagram icon => offload the app.

For android  

Settings => Apps => Instagram icon => storage => Clear cache

After clearing the caches, login in Instagram again and the problem should be removed.

2) Have the wrong version of Instagram

Instagram try to publish the updated version frequently to fix the bugs that can cause Instagram keeps stopping.

Solution: Update your Instagram to the last version

  You can update your Instagram to the latest version to solve the issue.

To check that you have the last version, do these steps:

 For ios

Settings => General => Instagram 

If your Instagram isn`t up to date, an update button will show for you.

For android 

 Settings => Apps => Instagram

If you don`t have the last version, an update button will show for you.

3) Instagram use your memory a lot

Sometimes the apps that are running use memory a lot and cause problems

Solution: Restart your mobile

This is a simple solution that can be used. Just restart it to reset the operation of Instagram.

4) Bug in the last version of Instagram

If your Instagram is the last version and you still have an unexpected stopped, there can be the bugs to cause this.

Solution: reinstall your Instagram

It sounds useless, but it works sometimes. Delete your current Instagram and Install it again.

5) Instagram service problem

If you do all four above steps and your Instagram is up to date, and the issues do not fix, it can be an Instagram service problem.

Solution1: check the Instagram page

The simple way to understand that this problem is from Instagram or not is to check the Instagram page

Solution2: use Instagram web viewing tool

The other way to fix Instagram crashes is to use Instagram online viewing web to see if there is any problem in the app or not.

Instagram keeps stopping, and the DM doesn`t work

 Sometimes Direct Messages have some problems, and you can not send or receive messages, or the massages can not be displayed.

How to fix DM

You use these simple solutions to fix your DM and solve the issue.

  • Check that DM is enabled.

First, you should check that your direct message is turned on. To do that you should follow these steps.

Open your Instagram profile page => at the top right, tap on three lines => at the bottom select “settings” => Notifications => Direct Messages => check that all of the options of DM are turned on.  

  • Check your version of Instagram

Make sure that you have the last version of Instagram and if your Instagram isn`t up to date, update it to the latest version like we said in the above.

 Sometimes the bugs cause Direct Messages’ problems, and when you update it, the issue solved.

  • Check that you haven`t been blocked

Check that you haven`t been blocked by the person you want to sent message to.

To check this, you need to open his/her profile, and if you can`t see his/her posts, that means that he/she has blocked you and your app is okay.

  • Clear the Instagram cache

Sometimes the current Instagram cache has some bugs that cause Direct messages’ problems and clearing these bugs fix the issues. As we said before, follow the steps to remove the Instagram caches.

After clearing the caches, login in Instagram again and the problem should be removed.