Now that we know the basic idea behind Instagram engagement rate, let’s see how one can calculate the Instagram engagement rate using free tools. Previously, we have talked about how to calculate Instagram engagement rate manually. Now, we are going to show you the 5 free options for the Instagram engagement rate calculator.

Engagement rate has shown to be the dominant factor in the online market of Instagram. Influencers are always judged based on their engagement rate. Among all the social media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook), Instagram has shown to have the highest engagement rate. That’s because visual content is more attractive to the followers rather than some text.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

If you are familiar with the engagement rate, skip the next part and jump into the section that I have introduced 5 free Instagram engagement rate calculator.

The importance of Instagram engagement rate and the numbers

If you want to use Instagram as an online market, first you need to be shown to your audience. Imagine you have a restaurant and you want to find an Instagram influencer to post about you. Which Instagram influencer would you choose to work with?

Maybe you are thinking about an influencer with a large number of followers. We are here to tell you that the number of followers is the second factor and engagement rate is the primary factor.

So, instead of choosing an account with 1 million followers and an engagement rate of 1.5%, you can choose 10 accounts with 50K followers each and an engagement rate of 8%. The money that you have paid is the same. In the first case, you have reached 15.000 general audiences. However, in the second case, you have reached 40.000 audiences that might be interested in your product. You can now see the importance of the engagement rate.

5 free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

You always have the option to calculate the Instagram engagement rate manually using your phone’s calculator. Calculate the average number of Likes for your posts and then divide it by the number of your followers. Multiply it by 100 and the number shows your Instagram engagement rate.

As you know, calculating the average number of Likes of an account takes a lot of time and effort. So, instead, you can use tools to calculate the Instagram engagement rate of any account. These are the best Instagram engagement rate calculators.


This is a calculator for Instagram Influencer sponsored post-money. It estimates how much money you need to pay an Instagram account to show your product. Its numbers have shown to be somehow accurate. It is not an official tool from Instagram, but the data can be trusted. You just need to enter the Instagram username.

It will analyze the last 12 posts of the account. The total number of Likes and Comments will be shown. Also, the number of Followers and Posts will appear on the screen. The engagement rate will be calculated to 2 digits. Note that in order to analyze, the account must be public.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Influencermarketinghub


This tool also calculates the Instagram engagement rate to 2 digits and it is pretty straightforward. You just need to enter the username of a public account and it will show the average number of Likes and Comments.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Phlanx


This is one of the most popular Instagram engagement rate calculator on the Internet. It will analyze the account and show the average number of Likes and Comments. The data is collected from the last 10 posts of that account. In order to use this calculator, you just need to enter the username and the account must be public. You can share the result on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Triberr


This tool calculates the Instagram engagement rate of an account and then recommends a cost per post based on engagement and follower’s numbers. It is a comprehensive tool that is quite accurate. It also recommends the cost for every Story that the account might share.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Geeksmash


This is an unknown Instagram engagement calculator in the market. It works rather well but shows the engagement rate in integers. It will round up the engagement rate to an integer number. For instance, if your engagement rate is 3.3%, it will show you a 4% engagement rate. Anyway, you can still divide the average number of likes to the number of followers and calculate the exact engagement rate.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Tanke

Conclusion and Comparison

All the 5 mentioned tools are safe and free to use. You just need to enter the username and they will calculate the engagement rate. The account must be public to let the tool analyze it. In the table below, we have shown the result of our study on these tools.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Comparison

@Sizdahom who is a local influencer has the highest engagement rate among these accounts. You can also see the list for most followed accounts on Instagram (celebrity and non-celebrity edition). If interested in growing your account organically and scheduling your posts, check out AiGrow.

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