If you search the web, you will face many people talking about getting a high number of followers in just a few days! There are a bunch of videos on youtube that talks about how to get 10K followers in a week! What you should know is that the Instagram algorithm in 2019 does not care about the number of followers. In fact, the 2019 algorithm is so complex that your number of followers is rarely known as a factor in succeeding on Instagram.

New features of Instagram algorithm 2019

So what makes your IG account special? The answer is straightforward: Know the algorithm and act on it.

Why does the Instagram algorithm change?

As you know, Instagram used to rank every user’s feed based on how recent that post was. This means that if you post 5 minutes after an account, your post will be shown first, no matter how many likes or comments each post has. This was called the chronological feed.

However, as Instagram got bigger, more content was uploaded and people followed more accounts. As a result, many users complained that they can not see their friends and family’s posts. This was the spark of the new algorithm in 2018.

New features of Instagram algorithm 2019

As of 2019, the Instagram algorithm has changed repeatedly, but the recent changes were mostly new features. So the idea behind the Instagram algorithm has not changed significantly, but new features have arrived and the algorithm is now more complete than ever before.

So let us dive in and show you the way.

What are the factors that make your Instagram algorithm professional?

There is no doubt that high-quality content is a prerequisite for becoming a successful online brand on Instagram. However, this statement greatly depends on every account’s background. If you are working around clothes, high-resolution images of models wearing your brand is much better than just posting an image of your cloth. Or if you are working on making your restaurant famous, great videos of the process of cooking or the images of happy customers in your place is a brilliant idea. So the whole idea of high-quality content depends on your field.

What are the factors that make your Instagram professional?

Let us talk about less spoken factors that play a key role in the Instagram algorithm 2019.

Do not underestimate the power of stories: Share 3 stories a day

Stories are great ways for you to show your real you to your followers. If your followers only see your posts, they will not feel attached. But if they watch you every day, they are going to feel connected and likely see you as a friend.

Your first story should be about you talking about your own life. Something really personal that makes the audience attracted to you. The second one should be about showing your product to them. Finally, the third one can be about you talking to your followers about how your product can help them. You should record your video in a cozy place and your tune of speaking should be as friendly as possible.

Moreover, stories are great places for calling to action. You can ask your followers to watch a post or like a recent post of yours.

New features of Instagram algorithm 2019

So what does the algorithm think about stories? If you check and watch someone’s stories every day, due to the attractive contents they published in their stories, the Instagram algorithm will possibly think that you might want to see their posts too. So the algorithm will show you more of that account’s posts and rank them higher in your feed.

Instagram’s Live feature: Go live more often

One of the great features of Instagram is “going live”. As you have noticed, when someone goes live on Instagram, a notification is shown to you. So going live can directly make contact with other people. People feel comfortable about watching others’ lives because they can see what happens in real life.

Again, the Instagram algorithm will rank a user’s posts higher if you see his/her Instagram lives more often.

New features of Instagram algorithm 2019

These two key features along with other aspects of the Instagram algorithm can help you grow organic followers and make your Instagram account professional in the eyes of your customers.

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