Instagram algorithm

Let’s first learn about Instagram algorithm

Do you feel that Instagram is reading your mind? Have you ever noticed that Instagram is actually prioritizing your IG feed for you? Have you ever sensed that Instagram puts your family and friends’ posts first?

If yes, then you have faced the Instagram algorithm!

Yes! Instagram has an algorithm and you should know that the algorithm changes more often than you think! Just so you know, we have only been 2 months in 2019 and the IG has changed more than the whole 2018 year. (source)

You can overcome the Instagram algorithm by learning how it actually works, which will help you gain organic followers much faster and improve your digital marketing. If you want to know how we know how the algorithm works, you can check the last part of this article.

So let’s dive in and beat the algorithm!

Why does Instagram have an algorithm for engagement?

First, we need to talk about the Instagram business model because this is how the algorithm is pretty much designed. It is the main reason why the algorithm changes so much and ultimately what it comes down to. Instagram is a free platform, which makes it dependent on advertisements to make a profit. So the algorithm is basically changing to increase Instagram’s profit by keeping users on the platform for longer periods of time.

If the Instagram algorithm can keep you using the platform longer by maybe showing you content that you are interested in, you may end up spending much more time on it. That means more advertisements can be shown to you!

What is behind Instagram’s brain?

Instagram looks at every individual user and analyzes their behavior to see:

  • Posts you like
  • What you comment on
  • Who you tag in posts
  • Users you DM a lot
  • Who you are following
  • Stories you watch

And the list goes on and on. So the algorithm is watching what you like so that it can show you more of it because that way you are going to spend more time on the platform.

How has the Instagram algorithm 2019 changed everything?

In the past, the user’s feed on Instagram was ordered chronologically. This means that the posts were shown to the user in the order of the time they were posted. Recently, Instagram has used an algorithm to first show the posts and accounts that you engage with the most. This was the end of the old reverse-chronological feed that Facebook used too.

Very recently, many people claimed that Instagram has started a new algorithm. In this new algorithm, when you post a picture, only 7% of your followers will see it in their feed. If the engagement of this 7% is high enough, then the post will be shown to more people. And this cycle will go on and on. Note that by engagement, we mean two main things. The first one is the number of likes, and the second one is screen time which is how long someone looks at your post. Another important thing is that the engagement your post receives is actually measured relative to the size of your followers.

In January 2019, Instagram reacted to this idea through a series of tweets. The Instagram account in twitter acknowledged that what is shown in a user’s feed, is only based on the user’s previous activities. Tweets’ link

Instagram algorithm

Do these tweets mean that the whole idea of the new algorithm is wrong?


It is certain that Instagram exploits users’ previous activities to rank the feed of all users! However, what about the posts that are shown in a user’s explore page? The point is, you can see the result of the 7% rule in the explore page. Suppose that Kim Kardashian posts a photo. The first thing that happens is that the post is shown for 7% of her followers. Then if the engagement is high enough, the post will be shown to more and more people and even people that don’t follow Kim Kardashian will see the post in their explore page.

Now that we exactly know how the 2019 algorithm works, let’s set our strategies for outsmarting it.

Instagram algorithm

Strategies for outsmarting Instagram algorithm 2019

There are many ways that one can enhance the quality of his Instagram account including:

  • Better photo quality
  • More video posts
  • Going live more
  • Interacting during peak hours
  • Posting more often

However, these are the basic strategies. If you want to grow organic followers real quick, you need to know the following strategies.

  1. Do not forget the power of hashtags

Hashtag acts as a search term so that whenever someone clicks or search a hashtag, they see the search results of the posts that have that hashtag. The results that are shown are not some random posts. The algorithm puts them carefully in order. So it is very important that you use the algorithm in a way that your post stands in the top of the search results.

  1. The recency of the post: Try to use hashtags in every one of your posts so that your account has a better chance of standing in the top search results
  2. Engagement is the key: The engagement is measured relative to the account size. Keep your audience excited so that they will interact with your account more.

    2. Understand how Instagram chooses which accounts to suggest to people

It can be a great way for you to pick up followers when Instagram actually suggests your specific account to other people who might be interested in it.

Let’s consider this example: When someone likes account A and then likes account B, Instagram understands that these two accounts are related. So if another person likes account A, then it is very likely that Instagram suggests account B to him. 

So try to have some kind of joint collaboration with other accounts that do the same things as you do.

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