Success on Instagram greatly depends on the content that you post. Not only the quality of your images or videos matter, but the content itself is also crucial. You need to have a specific niche for your account. In this article, we are going to discuss the Instagram algorithm that the platform uses to categorize your posts.


The Instagram algorithm in 2019 uses image processing: A quick review

Instagram algorithm understands the content that you are posting

Instagram has never spoken of the platform’s ability to interpret every image or video when someone posts them. However, there are some pieces of evidence that show that Instagram has acquired the technology to automatically understand what is depicted in posts. For instance, if you post a photo of a mountain, regardless of the hashtags that you use, Instagram knows that this is an image of a mountain.


The Instagram algorithm in 2019 uses image processing: A quick review

Instagram uses object recognition technology to describe images for impaired users

As of Nov 2018, Instagram introduced two new upgrades to help people with visual impairments use Instagram. According to Instagram, there are more than 285 million people with visual impairments that can use a more accessible Instagram.

Automatic alternative text

By this technology, people with visual impairments can hear a description of photos through the screen reader. This upgrade uses object recognition technology to recognize what is inside the image and writes about it.

Custom alternative text

This upgrade uses the same technology to add a description for your photo. Let’s say you are posting an image of the sunset. The Instagram platform is now able to write about the sunset in a few words and help you prepare a caption for your image.

The Instagram algorithm in 2019 uses image processing: A quick review


The Instagram algorithm can understand what content is sensitive

Instagram limits the visibility of some posts based on what is in the image or video. According to Instagram Community Guidelines, “Photos and videos containing sensitive or graphic content may appear with a warning to let people know about the content before they view it. This warning appears when viewing a post in Feed or on someone’s profile.”

This is another proof for the claim that the Instagram algorithm understands what is inside an image. Now let’s see how this technology affects users.


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How does the Instagram algorithm for image processing affect users?

Due to the technology that we mentioned above, the Instagram algorithm knows where to categorize your content. Instagram knows which niche box to put your posts inside of. So now you know why it is important to dive into a specific niche.

If you publish content about diverse things, Instagram algorithm puts your posts in different categories. As a result, you do not belong to a specific niche box and your followers may get confused. You need to post one type of content, because that way, the Instagram algorithm has a better understanding of you.

Finally, try to fully understand the algorithm from all aspects. You can learn more about the Instagram algorithm here.