What is the VIP account?

If you are finding “how you can make your Instagram profile VIP or how to make Instagram V.I.P Account so here something that can help you to Do this & actually you can show off with your friends “Hey, Did you see that my Instagram Account Become VIP, It means I’m a VIP Instagram User. Hurray!

In reality, Making Instagram Account VIP is Pretty Difficult but not Impossible & If you Really Want to know that how to Make Instagram Account VIP & Get That Blue Verified Mark on your Profile So Read That- Get Verified On Instagram.

Actually, on Instagram, there is nothing like a VIP account but people still think account that having verified badge is VIP accounts. Basically, the blue mark you can see next to companies or celebrities’ account is called ‘verification badge’.


V.I.P Account Instagram – How to make a VIP account on Instagram in 2019 – 100% Working !!

First, go to your Instagram account and press edit profile then copy “™ 🔵” next to your name then put this “V.I.P Account © █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌” in your Bio so you will get the VIP visually appearing on your account. Also, we can see that the AiGrow platform delivering the true VIP membership with an advanced management system which increases your follower’s rapid.

There are many ways that can help you can verify your account on Instagram.

1. Amass a Huge Following

The first and most obvious means of getting verified on any social network is to be exceedingly popular. The number of people required to be verified, and it changes dramatically from platform to platform. I’ve seen verified Facebook accounts with as few as 1,000 followers, and I’ve seen unverified brand pages with over 1 million.

The thing is, you really can’t go wrong by getting more followers. I’m not even saying that as a representative of a service that sells them; it’s just true. You need more followers so you can make better use of the site in general, both organically and with your marketing. You should also follow some rules like :

Post on a schedule. Like any social network, the more active you are, the more chances people have to engage with your account and the more you’ll grow.

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Use hashtags properly. This includes using the occasional branded tag, but also mean you should use uncommon hashtags. Using overly common hashtags isn’t going to get you more exposure, it’s going to get you lost in the flood of content in that tag.

Engage. Social networks are social, and that means you need to be social back. You can’t treat Instagram as an image hosting site, you need to treat each picture as an opening to a conversation.

Post good content. Instagram is very heavily image-focused, which means you absolutely need good quality images. You can’t just slap something together in a meme generator and hope it works. We are using the Instagram AiGrow platform for such things you can learn more about it here.

2. Be Impersonated

This isn’t really an actionable tip either. It’s logical, though. Verification is a mechanism that exists solely – according to Instagram – to be a layer of security for people who are impersonated. It’s there so users can tell between two accounts with the same name and profile picture, identifying which one is the real one.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the most surefire way to receive verification is to have someone impersonate you. The problem is, this isn’t really a sure thing. Yes, verification is a preventative measure against the damage that can be caused by an impersonator. However, it’s not a process for solving the issue of impersonators. There’s a process, a form, that you have to go through to prove you are who you say you are and that the impersonator is negatively affecting your business.

3. Stay Active

You’ll never be verified if you don’t use the platform. If Instagram admins were to come by looking to see if you’re worth verification, and they see you haven’t posted in a month, they’re going to pass you over. They don’t care if you’ve been impersonated before. They don’t care how active you used to be. They especially don’t care how much you want verification. If you’re not actively using the platform, there’s no reason for them to bother initiating the process for you.

4. Represent a Celebrity

Unfortunately, this tip isn’t very useful. Instagram is much like Facebook in terms of verification, which makes sense since it’s the same company behind the scenes. That means the people who can be verified are very limited. A lot of brands, even large domestic brands, aren’t able to get verification because of their focus or their industry. The only accounts that can be successfully verified on Instagram are those for public figures like politicians, CEOs, sports stars, celebrities, and prolific journalists.

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5. Avoid Negative Actions

This one is a little more nebulous, and we have no way of knowing if it’s actually a factor, but here goes. We recommend that you avoid buying fake followers, both in general and for this purpose. For one thing, Instagram does not like it. They have been known to purge fake fans, and the results have been devastating for many high profile users. Of course, most of these users were already candidates for verification and may have been verified already. Hope it will help you to verify your Instagram account!

Instagram does publicly state a number of qualifications each account must meet if it wants to be verified on Instagram. So, for the highest chance of being approved, make sure your account complies with the following:

1. Authentic. Your account must be a real person, business, or entity. “Fan” accounts (like those created for celebrities) are excluded from this category.

2. Unique. Instagram typically doesn’t verify general interest or repost accounts. The content is created and posted must be your own.

3. Public & Complete. Instagram requires every verified account to be public and have a completely filled out bio. This includes having a profile picture and posts uploaded to your account.

4. No Cross-Promotion. Your account cannot have “add me” links that tell users to follow you on other social platforms. Your link should only be used to direct traffic to your website, store, landing page, etc.

5. Notable. While verification was typically reserved for celebrities before, Instagram is now considering accounts that have been featured in multiple well-known news sources. Having a popular brand is not enough if you have no press outside of your own website. Instagram wants to know that you’re globally notable and recognizable! (Paid or promotional content is deemed invalid)

A few things to note after submitting your Instagram verification request

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1. There’s no minimum follower requirement to be verified on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t require you to have a certain amount of followers to apply for verification (unlike some of their other features!) On the flip side of that, having millions of followers doesn’t guarantee verification, either! It’s all about those qualifications listed above so make sure you meet them!

2. Instagram does not give specific reasons for denying verification requests. Users will receive a notification that says your account hasn’t met the criteria and that’s it. Kinda annoying, right?! You are, however, able to submit a request every 30 days, so keep trying!

3. There is no way to manually submit news articles you’ve been featured in – Instagram does their own research on press and appearances. If the articles you’ve been featured in can be found on Google, they will find them! If you’ve been featured in publications make sure your / your business name is listed in the title or the excerpt that displays on google. If your name is mentioned in passing it may not hold as much weight.

4. There’s no telling when Instagram will approve or deny your request. In typical Instagram fashion, it can take days or weeks. Just keep an eye on your notifications for your approval or denial message.

5. You will NOT receive an email from Instagram asking you to apply for verification, nor can a third party get you verified for a fee! There are plenty of scams related to Instagram verification so make sure you don’t fall for any. If you receive an email from Instagram suggesting you can get verified by clicking a link, DON’T DO IT! This is how you get your account hacked! The only way to be verified on Instagram is through the official application process noted above.

That is how to get verified on Instagram! As you can see, while there is the option for everyone to request Instagram verification, there, unfortunately, is no guarantee that you’ll be approved. However, if you follow the steps above and make sure your account meets all of the criteria listed, you WILL have the best chance! If you are denied, remember you can resubmit your application every 30 days. Good luck!