There have been studies showing that people connect to some types of content more. For instance, people’s minds can process visual content much faster than other types of content. You will be influenced much more with a photo rather than a text. Instagram is a photo/image sharing platform. Also, among these visual content, some types get more engagement. You need to know what to post on Instagram to get Likes.

What to post on Instagram to get Likes

Let’s imagine that you have a product to sell. No matter what the product is, you need to find your customers. That’s where advertisement comes to play a role. You pay money to the specialists and they will show your brand to potential customers. However, on Instagram, you need to connect to your niche box Influencers. Or maybe you need to become an influencer.

Either way, you have to have the proper content. Engagement is the key to the new Instagram algorithm. In order to have more engagement, you can use strategies such as Instagram Stories. Besides all this, there is a list of types of images that are known to get more Likes. Here’s the list for what to post on Instagram to get Likes.

1. Screenshots of Text Messages

The texts in other people phones have always been attractive to us. Peaking at each other phones without no reason is in every human nature. Using this urge and combining it with a little bit of humor will result in much more engagements. It doesn’t need to be a real one. Just some made up texts can do the work. You can use this tactic to name your brand inside the text messages and make people love it.

Screenshots of Text Messages

2. Existence of a human in the Photo

Well if you have an Instagram already, you know this strategy very well. Ever posted a photo of yourself and get 200 likes and when you post a landscape, you only get 100 like? That’s the same. If you want to get more likes on your Instagram, you should involve a human in it. For instance, if you have a shoe company, instead of posting photos of shoes, post a photo of a person wearing that shoe. That will get you more engagements.

3. User made photos

User made photos What to post on Instagram to get Likes

This one is a little tricky. Ask your customers who have bought your product to give you images of them using your product. You can publish them on your Instagram and people will feel more connected. Your customers will have a chance to be on your Instagram page and you will have a chance to show your product to others. On the other hand, other customers will see your brand in use and that will help you get more customers.

4. Inspiring texts in the photo

Inspiring texts in the photo What to post on Instagram to get Likes

This simple trick is used by many brands including Nike. Brands always use inspirational quotes to make the audience feel excited and buy from them. Exactly the thing that motivational speeches do. These kinds of texts can always make the audience move and think a little bit. The famous actor, former wrestler, “The Rock” is known to use this tactic and people loved it. In fact, he has about 136 million followers, the 4th most followed person on Instagram.

5. Past photos (Throwbacks)

The nostalgic content has always attracted people in social media. People easily get impressed if they feel that they know your past. Post images of the first days of your brand. Images of you working on your brand in a small office can be a great choice. Many car brands post photos of their past cars and it seems that many people like them.

Final Strategy to get more Likes on Instagram

If your brand is on its first days, you should have strategies to get noticed more on Instagram. Your content may get lost between all these brands. Don’t use some fake bots for Likes and Followers. It will destroy your online branding on Instagram. Instead, you can use a scheduler like AiGrow to help you organize your content beforehand.

Prepare your stuff on the first days of the week and then schedule them for the rest of the week. You can see many of these schedules on this link. However, our experiences have shown that AiGrow is the best tool in the market for online branding on Instagram.

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