In any social media platform, if you want to be seen more, you need people to engage with your content. Instagram is not an exception and the number of Followers is not the only factor. The primary factor is how much people interact with your posts. In other words, your Like to Follower ratio is the dominant factor, if you want to use Instagram as an online marketing tool.

Why your Like to Follower ratio matters on Instagram

In 2019, the number of active users of Instagram has passed 1 billion and this has made the platform more competitive than ever. You need to offer or show something special to be noticed in this big pool of content.

Watching an eye for Like to Follower ratio can help you stand higher among all other accounts. This ratio can help you understand where you are and what you should do. The primary goal of any Instagram account should be to increase its Like to Follower ratio.

The importance of Like to Follower ratio on Instagram

Have you ever seen people who are always trying to buy Followers and Likes? These accounts might have a lot of Followers but you can see that they do not have that many Likes. The problem is that Instagram algorithm in 2019 watches over the engagements that your posts get, not the number of Followers.

Why your Like to Follower ratio matters on Instagram Instagram

If you have 100 Followers but your posts get 200 Likes, the Instagram algorithm analyzes you and sees that your content may be very good that you have that many Likes. On the other hand, if you have 100K Followers and you got about 100 Likes, the algorithm will feel that your content is not good enough. So, your posts will not be shown to other people. That’s why your Like to Follower ratio matter on Instagram.

Like to Follower Ratio vs Engagement Rate

In many sources, Like to Follower ratio is called engagement rate. However, there is a slight difference between them. Let’s discuss it.

Engagement rate is a term that is not exactly specified by Instagram. Social media Pros use engagement rate as a criterion to show how many people have engaged with one’s posts. In other words, what percent of the people who have seen a post, have engaged with it.

Due to the fact that the number of people who saw a post is not known, we use the number of Followers instead. And we take the number of Likes and Comments as the number of people who have interacted with that post.

The number of Likes of a post is naturally much more than the number of Comments, So, we use the number of Likes as the number of engagements of a post.

In order to calculate the Engagement Rate, we divide the average number of Likes to the number of Followers. And then we multiply it by 100.

On average, Instagram accounts have a 3% Engagement Rate. Which means that the average Like to Follower ratio is 3%. However, this number varies with the number of followers. For accounts with about 1000 Followers, the average Like to Follower ratio is about 10%. And this number will decrease to 1.5% for accounts with more than 1 million Followers.  

How to calculate Like to Follower Ratio?

In order to calculate the Like to Follower Ratio, first, you need to find the average number of Likes of an account. To do so, consider the last 30 posts of an account and sum up their Likes and then divide to the number of posts.

Then you just need to divide this number to the number of Followers. It should look like a number around these numbers: 0.01, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.11 or more.

Like to Follower ratio calculator

There are always easier ways rather than calculating the Like to Follower ratio manually. You can use engagement rate calculators. There are several free Instagram engagement rate calculators that show the rate. Multiply the given number for engagement rate by 100 and you will get to the Like to Follower ratio.


Try calculating your Like to Follower ratio with the given above formulas and then compare it to other influencer accounts. Using this strategy, you can find your place among all the other similar accounts. You can always find the top Instagram influencers. Also, the list of most followed accounts on Instagram is available.  

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